• CEO Message
  • Dear Shareholders and Customers,

    Established in 2001, HANA Micron is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in innovative, state-of-the-art packaging solutions and world-class test manufacturing services while emphasizing strategic partnerships with leading semiconductor companies around the world. Through our collaboration with other renowned semiconductor companies and customers, we have been able to develop the most technological advanced backend solutions.

    HANA Micron continues to aggressively invest on research and development not only to satisfy our customers but also our investors. Our unrivaled research and development has allowed our company to achieve the highest, most advanced technology. At the same time, HANA Micron is able to provide competitive prices without losing any quality. Through our superior management team, HANA Micron is able to provide efficient yet reliable supply chain solutions. Operational excellence has yielded HANA Micron substantial profitable growth resulting in considerable returns for our investors.
    As a result, HANA Micron has successfully expanded the company globally to Latin America starting with Brazil. Based on our world class technology and continued business in Latin America, HANA Micron has laid the foundations to become a world-wide leading company.

    Our company’s philosophy has always been “the individual”. Since the establishment of our company, we have always believed every person is an important factor to the company’s growth. As we continue to emphasize and maintain our philosophy, we believe all our employees in HANA Micron will contribute to the company’s goal of becoming a global company.

    We will persistently make endless efforts to develop HANA Micron into a world-wide leading company. As the company’s paradigm shifts globally, we look forward to taking a more active role in society. We realize the importance of the social well-being of everyone in order to sustain the growth of HANA Micron. Please continue to give us your undivided attention and devoted support.

    Thank you,