• TSV Interposer
Interposer process flow

Layer Parameter TSV Interposer
Silicon Size 200mm
TSV Via Diameter 50 ~ 100 럾
Via Depth 150 ~ 250 럾
Via Pitch 돟100 럾
AR 돞3 : 1 @70um via
Insulator SiO2, SiNx (option)
Cu Fill Full Fill
Passivation Material Polyimide
Thickness 돟5럾
RDL Metal Material Copper
Thickness 돟5 럾
L/S 10 / 10럾
Solder Bump Material SnAg
Ball Size Below 250 럾
Height Below 200 럾
  • – TSV and Multilayer Redistributed Cu with Passivation
    – Through Via architecture
    – Available on 8inch Si wafer
    – Single and Both Redistribution Layers on Cu/PI
    – 150럾 ~ 250럾 Si Thickness
    – Typical Via Diameter is 50럾 ~ 100럾 with AR 3:1
    – Process : Via First 넂 Grinding 넂 Dual Plating
Customizing FAB service : Equipment infrastructure
Process Equipment Wafer Size Type Material
200mm 300mm Flat Notch Silicon Glass
Lihtography Stepper
Manual Coating
Via etching Deep Si Etcher
Via Isolation Furnace(Only oxide)
Metallization PVD(Sputter)
Electro plating
Etching ICP Etcher / Ashing