• Flexible Package

Real Flexible “Beyond the Designability”

- Si is generally considered as rigid and brittle material, however, the flexibility in Si can be achieved by reducing
  the thickness of Si wafer down to less than 100關m. In stacked-die memory products, normally the back side of
  Si wafers is ground and routinely they are thinned down to 50關m.
- 50關m thick Si wafers are very flexible, and theoretically it can withstand the strain from the bending
  radius of 7mm. The technology of HANAflex꽓 is ultra-thin, light and flexible so that it can be applied to the
  flexible, bendable, stretchable and wearable devices.

  • HANA Micron provides a flexible packaging solution including flexible/rigid hybrid technology, which takes advantage of electronics based on ultra-thin silicon wafer enabled by HANAflexTM and this technology would be applied to wearable, display, smart card, mobile and sensor products.

    HANA Micron offers better package and module design, reliability, simulation and robust process in the flexible electronic industry.


- Ultra Thin Silicon (< 50um) is extremely flexible (Bending Radius < 10mm)
  with CAL (Compensation Adhesive Layer) by the roll transfer process.
- Thin die makes available space, thus it can be possible to fabricate ultra-thin PKG under 300쨉m.
- Hybrid Package with robust mechanical and electrical property for automotive and mobile.

  • – Versatile flexible packaging platform for realizing the optimized
      bending radius.
    – Face up/face down & SIP structure and hybrid flexible
      interconnection technologies.
    – Flexible structure design using neutral plane.
    – Roll transfer technology on 200mm and 300mm wafers.
    – Ultra thin wafer handling technology under 30um.
    – Mechanical and electrical reliability including bending and fatigue
    – IC package & module design, Mechanical & electrical simulation.
  • With flexible electronics becoming a next-big-thing-type-trend, HANA Micron has been developing HANAflexTM, the world셲 first mass-production-ready flexible packaging solution for Silicon-based IC chips. HANAflexTM is a promising IC packaging and hybrid module technologies for sensor for smartphones and tablets, wearables such as automotive & mobile fingerprint sensors, smart cards and even medical devices.
    - Flexible ICs using HANAflex꽓 technology
    - Display module with flexibility for smart devices
    - Flexible CIS sensor PKG for medical (intra-oral) device
    - Smart-Ring with healthcare function (flex. curved device)
    - Flexible BLE module PKG for wearable device
    - Flexible SiP module for smart card application
    - Flexible thin LGA PKG for smartphone (thickness < 300쨉m)
    - FPS PKG with robust mechanical and electrical property
    - Under-glass FPS PKG for mobile application
    - COP (Chip-on-plastic) with HANAflex꽓
    - Semiconductor packaging and modules for wearable devices
      such as Flexible, Bendable, Stretchable and so on.
BIP (Bendable Intra-oral Sensor)
  • Features

    - Better improved image than normal sensor
    - No more irritation during scanning

Flexible Smart-Ring
  • Features

    - Curved optical sensor package and
      compact module
    - Incorporation of flexible rf(NFC/BLE) module
      for healthcare

Flexible Display Module
  • Features

    - Flexible IC enabled by HANAflex꽓
    - Roll transfer technology for flexible IC

Micro SD card
  • Features

    - Flexible SiP (System in Package)
    - Interconnection and molding for flexibility

Flexible BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Features

    - Flexible SiP for the application of
      wearable device
    - The go-to option for rf connectivity for
      wearable devices

Fingerprint Sensor for Smart Cards
  • Features

    - Flexible PKG with satisfaction of smart cards
    - Thin thickness (300um) with good flexibility (R15)

Fingerprint Sensor for mobile
  • Features

    - IAL(Impact Absorption Layer) on the mold surface
    - ESD resistance & robust mechanical property

Fingerprint Sensor for mobile
  • Features

    - Ultra-thin PKG with under 0.300um thickness
    - High mechanical strength with flexibility