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HANA Micron aims for a fair and transparent corporate oriented culture.
HANA Micron recognizes the importance of ethics management and aims to establish fair trade and healthy corporate culture by ensuring that each and every member of the organization carry out their jobs transparently.
Hana Micron’s ethical code of conduct
  • HANA Micron recognizes the importance of the ethical management thus pursue ethical and legal behavior in all aspects of the business to contribute in establishing the fair trade and transparent corporate culture to fulfill its social responsibilities.
  • HANA Micron shall ensure that it follows relevant laws, regulations and business rules of the regional, national and international community adhering to ethical codes within entire professions through legal compliance.
  • HANA Micron shall eradicate injustice and corruption to establish a transparent and fair trade.
  • HANA Micron shall make ethical management the core of its corporate culture and strive to increase awareness about the basics of ethical management to its partner organizations.
  • HANA Micron shall declare its codes of ethics to stakeholders for effective implementation.
    HANA Micron셲 RBA Commitment Statement
    HANA Micron is one of the world’s leading subcontractors of semiconductor packaging and test services and we are committed to the principles contained in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct (“Code”).

    To that end, we will incorporate these principles into our Labor, Environment, Health & Safety Policies and Ethical Guidelines, which addresses conduct across several areas of corporate social responsibility, including labor and wages, health and safety, environmental compliance and ethics.

    HANA Micron is also committed to conducting self assessments to ensure that our policies and procedures are properly enforced.

    Furthermore, HANA Micron will communicate our corporate social responsibility requirements to our suppliers and will require all suppliers of critical components to acknowledge and implement the Code.

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