• Sustainability Management
  • We go for sustainability
    Stakeholders of HANA Micron,

    In terms of sustainability, HANA Micron firmly believes in maintaining and further developing its responsibility in the environment, society, and ethics in all business activities in order to become a global leader.

    HANA Micron will concentrate on increasing the productivity and competitiveness of our flagship products by reducing development time and improving sales. HANA Micron’s commitment to its flagship products is reflected by its steady sales growth. HANA Micron also maintains financial stability through its performance-based personnel system. With the introduction of an organizational chart, a learning culture has been established in an effort to improve staff competence. Through this learning culture, HANA Micron continues to contribute to the development of community activities.

    In the future, HANA Micron will continue to promote the role of a corporate citizen by contributing to the development of human society, and at the same time stay committed to providing satisfaction to all our shareholders.