Definition & Procedure

Test which is improvement, evaluation, approval, assurance of reliability, planned test & analysis during development & production. step, evaluating reliability of product and stability in time under various use / environment condition.

Test Item Test Condition Reference Standard
Pre-conditioning 85꼦 / 85% RH JESD22-A113
85꼦 / 60% RH
30꼦 / 60% RH
Accelerate(60꼦/60% RH)
THC (Temp. & Humidity Chamber) 85꼦 / 85% RH JESD22-A101
HTS (High Temperature Storage) 150꼦 JESD22-A103
PCT (Pressure Cooker Test) 121꼦, 100% RH, 2atm JESD22-A102
T/C (Temperature Cycling) -65꼦 ~ 150꼦:condition ”C” JESD22-A104
-55꼦 ~ 125꼦:condition “B”
(Highly Accelerated Temperature andHumidity Stress Test)
: un-bias
130꼦 / 85% RH, 2.27atm JESD22-A110
110꼦 / 85% RH, 1.2atm
Reliability Capability in HANA Micron Inc.
Equipment TEST item
TC Chamber Temperature Cycling Test
PCT Chamber Pressure Cooker Test
HTST Chamber High Temperature Storage Test
T&H Chamber Temperature & Humidity Test
Reflow Reflow
HAST Chamber High Accelerated Stress Test