• Simulation
Simulation software Test equipment
Electrical characterization ANSYS Q3D Extractor V10.0 Tektronix TDR,
Agilent Precision Network Analyzer
& Cascade Microtech,
Analytical Probe Station
ANSYS_Turbo Package Analyzer V6.0
ANSYS_SIwave V5.0
ANSYS_Ansoft Links
for Cadence APD V4.2
Mechanical characterization SASSAULT_Abaqus Start Pack 4 Akrometrix TherMoire AXP
Thermal characterization Mentor Graphics_FloTHERM PACK Wind Tunnel system
Electrical Simulation
  • Electrical simulation is required to determine the design feasibility of a package including the following electrical characteristics based on high frequency and design rule.

    / Lumped RLC Extraction

    / SYZ Parameter Extraction

    / Power & Signal Integrity

    / IR Drop, Voltage Distribution, & Current Density

    / Crosstalk

    HANA Micron can provide the above mentioned electrical characteristics through electrical simulation.

Mechanical Simulation
  • Mechanical simulation is required to predict an effect of packages from external environment.

    Especially, it is important to analyze package warpage.

    Warpage is caused by the CTE mismatch of various materials within a package.

    This can cause any problem of package reliability such as short and non-wet.

    HANA Micron can provide package warpage prediction for the various type of packages through simulation analysis.

    HANA Micron can also provide another solution of problems caused by mechanical stress within a package.

Thermal Simulation
  • Thermal simulation is required to predict an effect of packages from thermodynamics and heat transfer.

    / Thermodynamics

    The form of energy that can be transferred from one system to another as a result of temperature difference.The focus of start and last equilibrium state.

    / Heat transfer

    Thermo dynamics concept + Change of time.Heat flows in the direction of decreasing temperature.

    HANA Micron can provide thermal characteristics of various type of packages through thermal simulation.