• Simulation
Simulation software Test equipment
Electrical characterization Ansys Electromagnetics Suite Tektronix TDR,
Agilent Precision Network Analyzer
& Cascade Microtech,
Analytical Probe Station
Ansoft Links Cadence APD
Mechanical characterization DASSAULT_Abaqus Akrometrix TherMoire AXP
Thermal characterization Mentor Graphics_FloTHERM Wind Tunnel system
Thermographic Camera (Flir A320)
Work Flow

Early Simulation Effect

- Meets specific requirements (and all the others)
- Quick development time
- Make changes early, avoid costly design rework and/or tooling costs

Available Simulation Mode
Simulation Mode
Electrical characterization Signal Integrity

TDR / Eye Diagram / Cross Talk / Jitter / Delay
Power Integrity

Pwr & Gnd Resonance / SSN / IR Drop / Ground bounce

Radiation Near / Far Field EMI

Antenna / Passive Filter / RFIO
Output Data

SYZ-parameter / Impedance / RLGC Parameter / IBIS
Mechanical characterization Warpage Simulation
Drop & Impact Simulation
Bending Simulation
Thermal characterization Die Temperature
Package thermal resistance(theta-ja, theta-jb, theta-jc)
Package characteristic parameter(psi-jt, psi-jb)
Electrical Simulation

- Provides optimal design guide using electrical characteristic analysis for customer.
- Signal & Power Integrity of high-speed / low-power / multi-function digital circuits.
- Analysis and optimization of high frequency RF devices, antennas, etc.

Mechanical Simulation

- Predict, preempt, and quickly resolve warpage and strain issues using mechanical simulation
- Dynamic analysis (Drop & Impact) : Recommend optimal structure & material combination.
- Bending analysis: HANA Micron’s HANAFlexTM technologies provides optimal structure and material combination using 2-3point bending simulation.

Thermal Simulation

Provides PKG thermal resistance (temperature per watt) under JEDEC standard and real system conditions
  - Provides PKG thermal simulation for TSOP, QFN, BGA, WLP and so on
  - Provides thermal resistance under JESD 51-2 (natural convection) and JESD 51-6 (forced convection) conditions
  - Optimization of thermal performance according to material properties of PKG

Measurement by Natural Convection & Forced Convection on Wind Tunnel under JEDEC Standard Condition (JESD51-2 & JESD51-6)