• 2019
  • 03 Newly appointed CEO, Lee Dong Cheol
    06 Selected as developing institution of smart factory cooperation
    08 Developed packaging technology of flexible sensor for fingerprint
    10 1st Prize of IPIN (Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation) Competition 2019 Track #02
  • 2018
  • 02 Provide AR Ways APP for Pyeongchang winter olympic and paralympics
    (World’s first AR Navigation Service)
    06 Developed packaging technology for 3D flexible semiconductor
    10 Develop display embedded fingerprint sensor module for display
  • 2017
  • 02 Provide smart safety service for ISU four continents 2019
    03 Newly appointed CEO, HC Han (Unilateral)
    04 HANA Materials listed on KOSDAQ
    05 Developed semiconductor package with EMI Shield
    08 Launch KT GiGAeyes IoT (IoT Gateway, IoT Sensor)
  • 2016
  • 05 Make up IoT implementation complex for Pyeongchang winter olympic
    05 Selected as a best employment promotion company for the disabled
    06 Established HANA Micron Vietnam
    11 President (Founder) Choi Chang Ho recieved gold tower order of Industrial service merit
  • 2015
  • 03 Completed 4th Production Line
    03 Provide contract of GiGA Beacon Platform Device with KT
    07 The world’s first flexible medical device module volume production
    09 Selected as a 쏶uperior Labor and Management Relationship by Ministry of Labor
    11 Prime Minister’s prize of Superior Labor and Management Relationship Award
  • 2014
  • 02 Join the Federation of Korean Industries(FKI)
    03 Newly appointed CEO, H.C Han(C.H Choi, H.C Han Separate Representative)
    09 Award appreciation plaque about promte cooperation between Korea and Brazil
    (Brazilian Ambassador to Korea)
    12 Prize of contribute to economic development between Korea and Brazil
    (The Minister of Trade,Industry and Energy’s Citation)
  • 2013
  • 05 HANA Silicon Changed Company Name to HANA Materials
    09 Overall 1st Prize of Nation셲 Productivity Innovation (Prime Minister’s Citation)
    10 Completed the Clean Room of HT Micron (Brazil)
  • 2012
  • 04 Selected as a 쏻orld Class 300 Company by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    06 Developed Packaging Technology for Flexible Silicon Memory
    11 Overall 1st Prize of Global Standard Management for 5 Consecutive years
    (Inducted into A Hall of Fame)
  • 2011
  • 05 MOU with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled
    05 Brazilian Minister of Information and Communication visited HANA Micron
    06 Rio Grande do sul Governor visited HANA Micron
    08 Introduced SAP ERP System
    09 President셲 Award for Employment promotion for the Disabled
    09 Ceremony for HANA Micron셲 10th Anniversary
    12 Started Mass production of Memory module in HT Micron, Brazil.
  • 2010
  • 01 Achieved USDA Certification for RFID
    02 Established HILA (HANA INNOSYS Latin Armerica)
    03 HANA Micron financed HT Micron
    05 Overall 1st Prize of Global Standard Management for 3 consecutive years
    06 Selected as a Company conducting National Project of Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    (Developing New Ultra-thin MCP PCB Module and EMbedded PCB Module)
    06 Started Hana Volunteers
    08 Developed Cu OSP Process
    10 Apply for a POP patent
    10 Completed 3rd Production Line
    11 Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology visited HANA Micron
  • 2009
  • 01 Introduced Probe Tester
    01 Commercialized the World’s first 8 stack SIP type USB Flash Drive
    02 Launched Hana SSD
    03 Won Official Commendation from Korea Customs Services Commisioner
    06 Hana Silicon developed the Nation’s first 420mm single crystal Silicon Ingot
    09 MEMC invested 2 million dollars to HANA Micron
    09 Exclusive SSD Supply Contract with Fusion-IO
    12 Developed own MCP(Multi Chip Package) Memory+Memory Package
    12 Selected as a Company conducting National Project of Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    (Developing Controller of e-MMC and related product)
  • 2008
  • 01 Developed RFID Tag 1st Sample
    02 Estabilished Customized Department with Hoseo University (Semiconductor Engineering)
    04 Introduced RF Tester
    05 Start mass production for MCP (2, 3 stack)
    05 Achieved patent for SIP
    05 Overall 1st prize of Global Standard Management for 2 consecutive years
    09 Overall 1st Prize of Nation’s Productivity Innovation
    11 Launched SI business at HANA Micron America
  • 2007
  • 01 Established Hana Silicon
    04 Successfully mass produce SiP (System in Package)
    05 Overall 1st Prize of Global Standard Management
    06 Developed High Density& Low cost FBGA/MCP Package
    11 Developed Thermally Enhanced & Wide QFN Package
    12 Start developing RFID Tag
    12 Selected as a Best Partner of Korea Customs Services
  • 2006
  • 03 ISO/TS16949 Certification acquired
    04 Developed BGA MCP (Multi Chip Package) Process
    04 Listed in Venture 100 Billion Sales Club
    05 Selected as KDB Global Star
    07 Developed FBGA SD4(Low profile Fine pitch FBA 4 Stack Die)
    1.2mm T Package
    07 Selected as Korea Fast Technology 50 for 2 consecutive years
    10 New TPM KICK-OFF
    11 Selected as Excellent Quality Competency Company
    12 100 Million Dollar Exportation Presidential Award
    12 Overall 1st Prize of Employment of Chungnam
    12 Developed Micro USB
  • 2005
  • 01 Best Supplier Award from Hynix
    05 Overall 1st prize of Chungnam Entrepreneurs
    06 Completed HANA Micron plant in Asan
    07 Selected as Korea Technology fast 50
    10 HANA Micron listed on KOSDAQ
    10 Developed DRAM Face Down FBGA (BOC) Package
    10 Developed FBGA SD4(Fine pitch BGA 4 Stack Die) Package
    11 70 Million Dollar Exportation Presidential Award
    12 1st prize of Superior Labor and Management Relationship Award
    12 Developed SiP(System in Package) Process
  • 2004
  • 02 ISO 14001 Certification Acquired
    03 First in nation, open university within the company
    03 Excellent Supplier Award from Samsung
    11 50 Million Dollar Exportation Presidential Award.
    Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    12 Developed FBGA(Ball Grid Array) Package Processing
    12 First Sales in Digital Business Division
  • 2003
  • 02 HANA Micron America is established
    06 Merge with Sung-jin Electronics
    (Started Test Services and Turn-key business)
    11 Patent applied for OLED display panel DDI
    11 20 Million Dollar Exportation Presidential Award
    12 Seoul economics selected AXIS(USB Flash Drive) as a hot seller
  • 2002
  • 08 Registration of utility model (Swivel cap for Hana Mobile Disk)
    09 ISO 9001 Certification Acquired
  • 2001
  • 08 HANA Micron is founded